4th Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy - Knowledge is power - 25 giugno

Oggi ci sará la consueta riunione settimanale del Council on participatory democracy. 

Per conoscenza, ma soprattutto per spunti, ecco la mail di invito agli altri co-promotori. La proposta come anticipato in altre riunioni e anche in vista dell'escalation sulla ICE StopGlobalWarming.eu è di concentrarci sul tema dell'informazione.

Comments, ideas, e voglia di collaborare are welcome :) 


I would like to confirm to all of you the Weekly Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy tomorrow Thursday 11th of June at 6.00 pm CET - at this link https://www.gotomeet.me/marcocappato/council-on-participatory-democracy

The purpose of the call will be to discuss together the call and of focus for the 4th Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy - which according to our monthly pace - can be called on the 25th of June 2020. The format that we used last time: 3 hours with a few selected discussants and seminar approach seemed to work. A lot of interesting interactions came out of it. 

The proposal is to focus this meeting of the Council on the Role of Information in the activation of Participatory Democracy Instruments.
Both in terms of civic engagement, rule of law, and fostering of the European public sphere. And the impact citizens can have - and the consequent trust in the instruments. 

We could focus on what Bruno Kaufmann, Global Democracy Correspondent Swiss Broadcaster, presented about the Swiss Case during the April Council (video and presentation) but also on what happens in different EU member states with regards to services provided by the Public Service of TV, Radio (and digital)...and more. From the experience of StopGlobalWarming.eu action- day last week, we got some interesting perspectives, in particular with regards to RAI in Italy, which offers a service of communication for "social initiative" - under which European Citizens Initiatives might fall. 

I hope you will want to join the meeting tomorrow to discuss together how we can frame this appointment and the outputs we can work on. And share more ideas!