Consiglio della Democrazia Partecipativa - Aggiornamenti e Prossimi Passi

Ciao a tutti, 
Abbiamo finalmente fatto la riunione con ECIT e The Good Lobby (e parlato con European Alternatives) per portare avanti quanto discusso anche in coordinamento riguarda al filone riforme della democrazia partecipativa. 

Metto qui il riassunto per tutti. 

Our organisations share a mutual interest in the reinforcement of participatory democracy - as a way to strengthen the European Union and as a fundamental completion of representative democracy. 
The Conference on the Future of Europe offers an opportunity to add Participatory Democracy to the central topics of the Conference on the Future of Europe. 

There are two political goals to be achieved: 
- Knowledge: ALL European citizens should know about their participatory democracy rights (starting from the possibility to support European Citizens Initiatives, to all the other tools available)
- Reforms of the existing instruments and creations of new instruments (to mention one for all, Citizens' Asemblies based on sortition) 

The proposal to be discussed is to organise a Committee among our organisations, other organisations and individual citizens (i.e. a Council of Participatory Democracy) that can push politically for these two goals. 

We could envision two main appointments: 

1- An event in Bruxelles around the 15th of March titled "First Council on Participatory Democracy" where invite experts, academics, representatives of organizations, citizens that are currently engaged in European Citizens Initiatives and other forms of Participatory Democracy, ...and discuss a plan for the European Union and the activation of a shared mobilisation. 

2- A shared action in Dubrovnik on the 8th of May to officially present the proposals we will agree on at the beginning of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The conception of such an action can be the output of the March event 

Current initiatives on the topic from the different organisations: 

- Draft of a working document to become a Petition the European Parliament on information about participatory democracy (funding and direct communication to the citizens - equal dignity between participatory democracy and representative democracy) - Doc attached + previous initiative "Letter to Commissioner Jourova" involving other promoters of European Citizens Initiatives 
- Draft of a petition to the European Parliament to include a system of Sortition based Citizens' Assembly in the Conference on the Future of Europe 

The Good Lobby 
- Toolkit for citizens' activation (Italy) / promotion of the European Toolkit
- Network of citizens using participatory democracy 

- Connections with youth organisations working with different forms of citizens' assemblies 
- network on European citizenship (experts, and organisations) 

Next steps: 

- Meeting to keep on discussing this project and share feedback based also on our internal processes.
Potential Dates: Wednesdy 12th of February at 5 pm / Thursday 13th of February at 5 pm 

- Inviting other organisations to join the meeting (it would be great if we can share a list of the organisations that each one of us might want to invite in advance so that we are all aware and we don't overlap) 


Ciao a tutti, 

Condivido qui gli appunti della riunione di settimana scorsa con ECIT, Good Lobby, CAL, European Alternatives per elaborare sull'idea del 1st Meeting of the Council for Participatory Democracy. 

Stiamo aspettando la loro revisione prima di annunci ufficiali. Ma vale la pena iniziare a ragionare e inserire nel percorso che stiamo facendo. (da tenere connesso con questo filone con i promotori di ICE , il cantiere aperto sulla Conferenza sul Futuro dell"Europa e il Progetto Petizioni


The 1st Meeting of the Council of Participatory Democracy - draft invite and dates 

Possible dates: Thursday, 19th (afternoon) and Friday, 20th of March (morning) 

As per our conclusions, I drafted a "light convocation" that we can use to start and work on: 
- to shape the program 
- invite other organisations 

- organise the event 

You can review it here

[If you create an account on Framapad you can collaborate on the doc using your specific nickname, for better tracking] 

I stuck to what we agreed upon:
- a tripartite agenda;
- this meeting as the first session in Bruxelles but with the goal of organising more sessions in other EU cities (ideally attaching it to fundraising activities) 
- a format to start and collect feedback and inputs also from other individuals and organisations - the ultimate goal is to create a space of collaboration and coordination and not just the n platform 

Next steps and decision to make: 

  •  If all of you can review the invite we can then start and defining a strategy and operation to promote the open meeting and invite other organisations [can you have a look at it before tomorrow end of the day? I swear is very short :)  So that we can have 1 precise month to work on it] 
  • In the next meetings I suggest we discuss the program, the format and the approach to the different sessions
  • Weekly meetings: do you confirm me it would you be fine for all of you to have a weekly public meeting from now on on Thursdays to keep the rhythm on the common political analysis and the organisation of the event?  I suggest we do it every Thursdays from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm so that it can fit both those activists who have another full-time job and those who don't want to leave the office to late :) - We could record the meetings and make them available on the YouTube Channels (Eumans account is available for this), so that citizens and organisations can follow the debate and potentially join more easily. 
  • Let me know if you all want to be in this mailing list or if you prefer to identify a person per organisation to stay in the loop so that we work more smoothly


Looking forward to hearing your feedback, via framapad or via email!