ECI Recovery Plan - Proposte di riforma ICE

Metto qui di seguito le proposte di The ECI Campagin (di cui faccio parte del board a nome di EUMANS) l'organizzazione che fa advocacy per la riforma delle ICE. 
Avevo proposto loro di rilanciare una proposta alla Commissione su una Campagna Straordinaria di Informazione sulle ICE alla luce di una prossima eventuale estensione, per integrare quanto proponiamo con Equal Dignity On Participatory Democracy. Questo è quello su cui stanno lavorando loro. 

All ECIs massively suffer from Covid-19-related lock-down meassures  – only very little numbers of signatures have been collected since the outbreak of Covid (apart from one ECI on regional minorities). We therefore need to  to protect participatory democracy in the EU and call for the implementation of an ECI recovery plan which:

  • Provides a second deadline extension for all ongoing ECIs ASAP
  • Reduces data requirements. The Commission should approach France to stop asking for ID-numbers for ALL the ECIs that are ongoing. Right now only the newly registered ECIs from 2020 do NOT need to provide ID numbers in France but other ECIs launched in 2019 like ECI Save Bees and Farmers have to, which is a huge burden in France.
  • Extends the possibility to use Individual Online Collection Systems instead of banning it by 2023!!
  • the EC should approach Germany to reduces the minimum age to participate in an ECI from 18 to 16, Greta Thunberg has started an ECI on Climate Change but can only participate if the minimum age is reduced.
  • Allows for reimbursement of part of ECI organization costs as is the case for national citizens initiative rights in Spain and Austria
  • Hearings should be performed also for ECIs with at least 100.000 but less than a million signatures.