Eumans2020 - diretta giorno 1 e appunti collaborativi

Ciao a tutti, 
Siamo live su Youtube e Facebook da Bruxelles con la prima giornata di Eumans2020: how citizens can change Europe

Live streaming

Collaborative notes 
At this link you find the "Eumans2020 Shared Knowledge" 

You will be requested to register to access the folder. We use Cryptpad which is a collaborative tool that guarantees your privacy. 

Step 1 - The Overview of Day 1 topics
You can see the topics, the main reference, the contact person and the link to a collaborative doc where you can write down your notes 

Step 2 - The collaborative doc of each initiative 

The purpose is to make sure that you can leave your mark and feedback and ideas so that this 2-day seminar. 

In addition to this, you find another shared file where we can share inputs on the type of organisation and structure that is needed to have a movement of European Citizens emerging and pursuing similar political goals