Iniziativa Carbon Pricing a Giugno a L'Aja - Summit Carbon Pricing a L'Aia a fine giugno

Segnalo questa notizia sulle iniziative di Carbon Pricing in Olanda - ci sará un Summit a L'Aja a giugno. 
@Claudia Basta, ne sai qualcosa? 

Taxing power: Dutch lawmakers want to set a minimum price for CO2 produced during electricity generation. In a bill submitted to the parliament on Monday, ministers aim to encourage businesses to be more sustainable by slapping a €12.30 minimum price on each tonne of carbon emitted. That figure is meant to rise to €31.90 in 2030 and complement the EU-wide emissions trading scheme, which currently prices carbon at around €24. However, that price is subject to fluctuation. As part of a drive to do more on climate, the Dutch government will host a summit in late June on carbon pricing and taxing aviation. The idea is to build a coalition of willing member states that are also interested in setting a minimum carbon price. (Sam Morgan,