Lettere per StopGlobalWarming.eu - Spudoratamente collettivi verso il 5 giugno.

OK, una cosa che mi ha lasciato il webanketto di sabato scorso per StopGlobalWarming.eu è l'abbandono della vergogna di parlare con chiunque in mezzo a una strada dell'iniziaitva. E cercare di convincerli del valore di una firma. 

Ieri sera durante la riunione del martedi abbiamo parlato dell'importanza sostanziale per il successo di StopGlobalWarming.eu e del carbon pricing a livello di Unione Europea di essere tutti attivatori di connessioni. Dalle più piccole (la chat delle amiche del liceo) alle più grandi, per me tipo i Massive Attacks. Fino alle mailing list delle nostre stesse aziende o organizzazioni. 
Se ognuna di queste persone firmasse StopGlobalWarming.eu entro il 20 luglio (e idealmente il 5 giugno che è la giornata mondiale dell'ambiente), beh, sarebbe POSSIBILE raccogliere un milione di firme. 

E quindi tra canali telegram, riunioni diffuse, council on participatory democracy, webanketti - le stiamo provando tutte. In Italiano e in inglese e in quante più lingue possibili. 

Propongo di mettere qui le nostre lettere. Per tenere traccia di questo diario collettivo di politica dei cittadini io mi butto. 

Ecco tre delle mie lettere. 



When I was 15 I sent a letter to Francesco Totti. And he sent me his signature back. It is one of those life-episodes that taught me you can believe in dreams. And that nothing is impossible. 

I am coordinating a European network of citizens who are trying to collect 1 Million signatures against climate change. Not big money behind us: just the idea that a carbon pricing policy at the EU level can change the lives of millions of people (making pay for CO2 emissions and use the revenue for the ecological transition). 5th of June is World Environment Day and we are involving artists (Fedez, Nina Zilli,Mara Maionchi), athletes (climbers, mainly, like top ones like Kilian Jornet and Laetitia Roux ), scientists,...It is a European level campaign, with an official committment of the European Commission to discuss the policy if we reach 1 million of signatures. It seems I cannot send attachments, but if you can share with me an email address to send it I will do so. And I am happy to put you in contact with our team. 

One post from Francesco signing and inviting to sign on https://stopglobalwarming.eu can make the difference between make it and not making it. Thank you so much! Let's keep dreams alive :)  


Dear Carola, 

I hope this email finds you well. You probably don't remember me but we met when you were in Bruxelles back in September (there is also a video of you answering my question about participatory democracy). 

I won't waste words on how important is what you have done in my home country, Italy. And the example that you set for all of us, trying to make the world a better place. And don't be ashamed about it. I read a lot about your interest in the fight against climate change. And I would like to invite you to support an initiative that can really make a difference in the European Union. StopGlobalWarming.Eu is promoting a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) to push the EU to take a position on the proposal to charge CO2 emissions by shifting taxes from human resources to natural resources, and to foster the transition to clean energy, which is now possible.This proposal comes from an idea of 27 Nobel Prize winners and 5,000 economists, with the support of 11,000 scientists.

If 1 million European citizens sign the proposal by July 20th, the European Commission and the European Parliament will be forced to hold a public hearing to discuss this carbon pricing proposal. (This is a short video done by a collective of video makers for free for the campaign that explains everything) First of all, of course, I would like to ask you to sign as an EU Citizen https://stopglobalwarming.eu  But then with the visibility that you have and the respect you gained, one post from you on social media to support the campaign can make the difference for us between reaching and not reaching 1 million signatures. We are reaching out to people across Europe that have some visibility to become the "media" of the campaign.

You can share a post inviting people to sign stopglobalwarming.eu, you can add the logo of the campaign for a few days on your profiles on social media (here is the link to do it on FB) and explaining how to do sign and why. (I added a few ideas below - to give you a sense of how open and creative commons the whole thing is) I really hope you can find 5 minutes to help us with this. Have a great evening, Virginia


Dear Melinda,

I am writing you to invite you to the 3rd Meeting of the Council On Participatory Democracy today, 28th of May 2020.

I know you will read this email super late. I sent you a tweet as soon as I learned about your work in LA on Internazionale. But it was already late night here in the heart of Europe, in Bruxelles.

I was reading an article about the homicide of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and I was oscillating towards the vortex of the dismantle of hopes.
How a person can die in the middle of the street because another man is holding down his neck with a knee.
It hurts. It makes me feel like I am choking.

It makes me think that even though Black Lives do Matter, there is something impossible to win here. Full justice. Full equality.

However towards the end, the article  mentioned Black Lives Matter - that is how some members of your movement's local chapters started to work on local level initiatives. And then I saw your recent video about the campaign on  budget allocation in LA.

I felt so connected to you. And it felt just right to invite you to a gathering that the movement that I coordinate in Europe, Eumans!, together with some other organisations, will be running online  tomorrow, the 28th of May.

It's called the 3rd Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy. We gather once a week every Thursday, and once a month we run a larger meeting where we discuss together with citizens, activists, politicians, practitioners of all forms of democratic action,   on finding new and better ways to use the existing institutions and  instruments of participatory democracy to channel our desire for a better world into a struggle that may transform the laws and the rules for the better.
On Thursday we will discuss in a  "Political Hackathon for Sustainability" how certain local instruments of citizens' participation could be  triggered, especially now that Covid19 has revealed the many weaknesses of the societies that we live in.  For sure it didn't improve what was already wrong before: violence and injustice.

I know it is late. But I really hope that you will connect with us to share your story, your actions, and maybe  some ideas. Like talking about the Citizens’ Assemblies.

It might be worth our times. For you and for us.

Because at the end of the day, all lives matter. And we should make change happen together.