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Grazie a Octavian abbiamo recuperato il programma della presidenza tedesca che verrá presentato al Parlamento Europeo in Plenaria. 

In particolare: 

Conferenza sul Futuro dell'Europa e ripresa: 

Together for Europe’s recovery

During Germany’s Council Presidency, we also want to emphasise the importance of social cohesion within Eu- rope and to elaborate ways to promote this issue at local, regional, national and European level. We can only shape the future of the European Union together with the in- volvement of all European citizens. The Commission’s idea for a Conference on the Future of Europe is also based on this principle. This conference offers a forum for holding a broad-based discourse on the longer term objectives of the European Union, and also on the lessons that we can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will work to ensure that the Council, Commission and the European Parliament rap- idly reach agreement on the structure and mandate of the conference. In so doing, we must clarify how such a confer- ence can take place under the changed conditions owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will do our part to ensure that the conference is brought to a successful conclusion. 

Carbon Pricing 

Together for Europe’s recovery

In the Council we also want to discuss European approaches to achieving the climate and energy goals, particularly the expansion of carbon pricing to cover all sectors and the in- troduction of a moderate minimum carbon price within the context of the European emissions trading system (EU ETS). 


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