Proposta 5th Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy

Ecco la bozza di proposta per il prossimo meeting del Council on Participatory Democracy (inserito nel più ampio contesto dell'evento di tre giorni di Citizens Take Over Europe). 
Qui invece il thread relativo all'evoluzione di EU CAN DO IT, che sará oggetto del lavoro preliminare del Council on Participatory Democracy. 


5th Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy 

16th December 2020
2.30 PM - 4.30 PM (TO BE CONFIRMED) 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Come out of your lockdown and join the digital political space where we can work together on pushing for evidence-based policies to the European Union to save all of us from the Covid19 pandemic. While Member States are failing to coordinate their efforts to respond to the health emergency, citizens’ rights continue to be restricted.  Societies start to unravel because of fear and economic crisis, but  Nation Member States are held hostage by the veto of Hungary and Poland to the Recovery Plan due to the rule of law conditionalities.he need for coordinated efforts to manage the health crisis (and other crises - starting from the climatic one) becomes more evident.

On the 16th of December, during the 3-days event organised with the coalition for the Conference on the Future of Europe Citizens Take Over Europe, we will hold “EU CAN DO IT - SAVING LIVES THROUGH PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY - 5th Session of the Council On Participatory Democracy”. It won’t be just another webinar. But a laboratory to put proposals together and transform them in a direct action towards the EU Institutions, leveraging official participatory democracy instruments.

Topics for discussion will be:

  • Citizens Participation in time of emergency, starting from the Conference on the Future of Europe and the right of EU Citizens to be informed about their political rights 
  • Rule of Law and State of Emergency 
  • Reforming EU treaties to give health competences to the EU to properly manage in an EU coordinated way any future pandemic, in order to avoid the current mess with masks/quarantine/tests… 
  • Need for an EU platform for data sharing on clinical trials and vaccine efficiency to avoid that 27 MS take 27 different measures, as proposed by Guido Rasi (Executive Director European Medicines Agency)
  • Need for a European representative sample for testing to understand in each Member State how many people got infected in order to understand the pace of the virus circulation in each country.
  • Contact tracing apps  interoperability, homogenous method for data collection,...

EU CAN DO IT  was a comprehensive package of proposals to manage the COVID emergency and social, economic and climate crisis with a coordinated European effort presented through an official Petition to the European Parliament. Whilst it started very well with the public hearing, it got bounced to different committees and then got stuck. The Petition was supported by 8,000 people and over 50 organisations across Europe. Now, we feel it is important to reach out to all those who signed it, and involve others, to invest in following-up to the Eu Can Do It petition by updating its demands and objectives, starting from what the EU has done and what is yet to be done, and new ideas/proposals. It is important to follow-up using participatory democracy tools to show that they are not useless even during an emergency and that they allow us to gather consensus on ideas which are not really circulating.

Note: feel free to add here suggested speakers, consider that the idea is to have max 6 Key-Note Speakers to kick-off and offer perspectives BUT once the invite is public we can invite other experts to bring their contribution! (See paragraph below “How the Council on Participatory Democracy works”

Melina Abdullah - Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (The role of Participatory Democracy and Activism in the election of Joe Biden)
Ricardo Gutierres - Director of the EU Federation of Journalists (Media and Participatory Democracy: why do we have a problem)
Ramona Coman - Associate Professor and President of the Institute of European Studies ULB Bruxelles and member of the Jean Monnet network OpenEUDebate - Rule of law and emergency in the European Public Spheres

Guido Rasi - Former Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency - Data sharing of clinical trials
Pier Virgilio Dastoli - President of the European Movement - Time for a federal Union: Reforming the EU Competencies



You will be able to pre-register for the event at this link (To be confirmed).
The session will be held entirely online. Before the meeting we will share with all registered participants (and publish on our website) an interactive preparatory document to track down a) analysis on the status of the decision making process in the EU Institutions, b) integrative proposals that you and your organisation have worked on.
For each topic of discussion there will be a Key-Note Speaker and an open floor for 3-minute contributions to describe your integrations to the document. At the end of the Council we will finalise the document to then transform it in a new Petition to the European Parliament. 



Citizens Take Over Europe is a self-organised network of European movements and organisations that are pushing for the immediate start of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and for it to be designed to be effectively citizens centered and accountable for the reforms needed in the European union. During the 3-days event Citizens Take Over Europe will open multiple floors of debate among citizens and civil society organisations, with a focus on the Conference on the Future of Europe.
We decided to call for the Council on Participatory Democracy within this framework as a contribution to the direct actions that citizens across Europe are activating to increase the weight and the impact of citizens participation in this delicate political phase, starting from the institutionalisation of sortition based European Citizens Assemblies.

to be published once it is confirmed.