Today is Election day in UK. I went outside Parliament in Westminster to check out the atmosphere. It was great to see many EU flags and I stopped to chat with a few activists.

There is a small group of activists, led by Steven Bray who, from September 2017 till now, have been outside parliament between 11am  and 6pm every day that MPs are in session.

A great example of a non-violent initiative. We chatted about the democracy crisis in UK and the right of having an informed vote. We talked about Eumans. They liked the project and keen to be in touch.

They may be a small group. But their actions had been noticed. This is where Eumans could really make the difference, ie help resonate the message of a small group of activists by providing scale, a communication platform and aggregation with other organizations to build leverage.

Btw, the group is called Sodem (Stand of Defiance European Movement), or otherwise a rather colourful way to say "we had enough of those lies" to those who support the Leave campaign with lies.

With Sodem for Remain